Q 1 – India’s first International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease (ICFMD) has set up in which state?

              A. Odisha                        B. Uttar Pradesh

             C. Assam                          D. Haryana

Ans: A. Odisha   

Q 2 – Who has clinched the 2017 Women’s singles India Super Series tournament?

             A. Sung Ji-Hyun                                         B. P V Sindhu

             C. Saina Nehwal                                         D. Carolina Marin

Ans: B. P V Sindhu

Q 3 – Kishori Amonkar, the renowned Hindustani classical vocalist has passed away. She hailed from which state?

             A. Maharashtra                           B. Tamil Nadu 

             C. Kerala                                        D. Andhra Pradesh

Ans: A. Maharashtra 

Q 4 – Who has won the 2017 Ecuador Presidential election?

             A. Lenin Moreno                                      B. Rafael Correa

             C.Guillermo Lasso                                   D.Norman Wray

Ans:  A. Lenin Moreno    

Q 5 -Srinath Narayanan is associated with which sports?

             A. Chess                                       B. Boxing 

             C. Football                                   D. Hockey

Ans:  A. Chess   

Q 6 – Which tiger reserve has become the India’s first tiger reserve to get official mascot?

             A. Kanha Tiger Reserve                                        B. Sariska Tiger Reserve

             C. Corbett Tiger Reserve                                      D. Sanjay Tiger Reserve

Ans: A. Kanha Tiger Reserve      

Q 7 – The World Theatre Day (WTD) is observed on which date? 

             A.March 28                                      B. March 25

             C. March 26                                      D. March 27

Ans: D. March 27

Q 8 – Who has been bestowed with the Hari Om Ashram Alembic Research Award for 2016?

             A. Neena Srivastava                                      B. Rakesh Kumar 

             C. P Sundaresan                                    D. S Rajasekaran

Ans: A. Neena Srivastava

Q 9 – Who has been appointed the new executive director of the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP)?

             A. David Beasley                                B. Nikki Haley

             C. Josette Sheeran                            D. James Morris

Ans: A. David Beasley  

Q 10 – Which Indian Chief Minister has been selected for the USIBC Transformative Chief Minister (TCM) award?

             A. Sarbananda Sonowal                              B. Nitish Kumar

             C. N Chandrababu Naidu                            D. Raman Singh

Ans:  C. N Chandrababu Naidu  

Q 11 – What was the theme of the 2017 National Science Day?

             A.Encouraging Scientific Awareness in Community                              

             B. Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons

             C. Scientific Issues for Development of the Nation                          

             D. Science for Nation Building

Ans:  B. Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons  

Q 12 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise has partnered with which Indian company to gain support to roll out its Internet of Things platform, LoRa network?

             A. Oxygen Healthcare Communications                          

             B. Sasken Technologies Limited

             C.Tata Communications                                                        

             D. Tata Consultancy Services

Ans:  C. Tata Communications

Q 13 – Who has won the 2017 Uganda International Series in Men’s Double category?

              A. George Julien Paul and Edwin Ekiring

              B. Aatish Lubah and Georges Julien Paul   

              C. Tarun Kona and Alwin Francis  

              D. Bahaedeen Ahmad Alshannik and Ahmed Salah

 Ans:   C. Tarun Kona and Alwin Francis    

Q 14 – Under the nuclear deal Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Iran will buy 950 tonnes of uranium ore (yellow cake) from which country over the next three years?

             A. Vietnam                         B. Afghanistan

             C. Russia                            D. Kazakhstan

Ans:  D. Kazakhstan  

Q 15 – The government has shifted the responsibility of promoting digital transactions in India from the NITI Aayog to which ministry?

             A. 6.0%                            B. 6.25%

             C. 6.5%                            D.5.75%


Ans:  A. 6.0%

Q 16 – Who has been appointed the new Executive Director (ED) of Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
             A. Nishant Jain                           B. Swati Tripathi

             C. Malvika Sinha                        D. Kalpana Gupta

Ans:  C. Malvika Sinha    

Q 17- What is the India’s rank in the world’s largest tourism economy in terms of GDP, according to the latest report of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)?
             A. 6.0%                            B. 6.25%

             C. 6.5%                            D.5.75%

Ans:  A. 6.0%

Q 18 -What is the current reverse repo rate, as per first bi-monthly monetary policy review for 2017-18 of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?
              A. 9th                           B. 7th 

             C.  4th                           D.11th

Ans: B. 7th 

Q 19 -Who has won the 2016 ACM A.M. Turing Award?
             A. Michael Stonebraker                         B. Martin E. Hellman

             C. Leslie Lamport                                    D. Tim Berners-Lee

Ans: D. Tim Berners-Lee

Q 20 -Fastest shorthand writer was?
             A. Dr. G. D. Bist                        B. J.R.D. Tata

             C. J.M. Tagore                          D.Khudada Khan

Ans:  A. Dr. G. D. Bist

Q 21 -What is the name of world’s first electric aircraft which has successfully completed its maiden voyage, recently?
              A. Flying Fan                         B. E-Fan

             C. Spark                                   D.E-Ray

Ans:  B. E-Fan

Q 22 -A member of a State Public Service Commission can be appointed and removed respectively by __:
             A. Governor, Governor                     B. Governor, President

             C. President, Governor                     D.President, President

Ans: B. Governor, President

Q 23 -Which state won the most film friendly state award 2017?
             A. Tamil Nadu                               B. Kerala

             C. Uttar Pradesh                          D.Maharashtra

Ans: C. Uttar Pradesh

Q 24 -Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade agreement under negotiation between European Union and __?
              A. Canada                             B. USA

             C. Russia                               D.Japan

Ans:  B. USA

Q 25 – Which Bank has announced the opening of its IFSC Banking Unit (IBU) at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) recently?
              A. RBL Bank                                             B. Yes Bank

             C. South Indian Bank                             D.Federal Bank

Ans:   A. RBL Bank  

Q 26 – The 12th CII EXIM Bank Conclave on India Africa Project Partnership was held in which city?
              A.New Delhi                                             B. Chennai 

             C. Pune                                                        D.Kolkata

Ans:   A. New Delhi   

Q 27 – Which of the following countries has approved world’s first dengue vaccine?
              A. United Kingdom                                           B. Canada

               C.Mexico                                                                 D.France

Ans: C.Mexico  

Q 28 – According to Brand Finance Global 500 report 2017, the most valuable Indian brand in 2017  is –
              A.Airtel                                            B. LIC

             C. Tata                                               D.Infosys

Ans:   C. Tata

Q 29 – George A. Olah, the Nobel laureate has passed away. He won the Nobel prize in which field?
              A. Physics                                     B. Economics 

             C. Chemistry                                D.Medicine

Ans:   C. Chemistry 

Q 30 – According to Brand Finance Global 500 report 2017, the most valuable global brand in 2017         is –
              A. Google                                            B. Apple

             C. Amazon                                          D.Alibaba

Ans:   A. Google